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Sonet Premium

A solution to today's challenges

Sonet Premium is a Finnish end-to-end solution for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) including all the business processes needed to manage organizations financial, supply chain, operations, human resources and reporting.  It is suitable for businesses regardless of size and sector.

The development of Sonet Premium is rooted in our expertise and long-running experience. The solution is based on Sonet information technology, not forgetting business knowledge, understanding and know-how. Sonet Premium brings together modern technology, extensive functionality and excellent usability.

Sonet Premium is efficient and agile to use. Finding information is easy, enabling more meaningful and efficient use of working hours. Role-based views and light menu structures support the user's work.

Sonet Premium HR management

HR management is an integral end-to-end solution for payroll and human resources management. This flexible solution caters for the needs of management, HR management and employees.

eSolutions are efficient. Highly automatised chains of operation ensure uniform operating methods. Information is readily available, from electronic forms all the way to payroll and supervisor reports. This ensures less manual work and information that is always up to date.

The mobile solution enables work anywhere, any time. For example, why not use the solution to report travel expenses while you are still on the road?

Sonet Premium financial management

An comprehensive, real-time financial management solution. Management can access the company's financial data anywhere, any time.

A range of queries, groupings, drilling down and generation of graphics increase the efficiency of work. Automatic validation rules support the correct entry of information, while bootstrapping rules benefit internal calculations.

Electronic handling of purchase invoices and allocation to specific purchases speeds up daily routines. Ongoing invoices are handled through a browser or a mobile interface.

Sonet Premium supply chain and operations management

Supply chain and operations management enables efficient, real-time control over the entire chain of operation of a company, from procurement and sales orders to the production, delivery and invoicing of goods.

The most versatile Finnish software

Our comprehensive service offering enables you to remain up-to-date with topical issues, the latest technological advances and future prospects.

Built on long-running professional expertise, Sonet Premium brings together modern technology, extensive functionality and excellent usability. Sonet Premium is also available as a cloud service and SaaS.

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